Construction Services 



SMI has a partnership with one of China’s leading heavy equipment manufacturer, SANY International, to market , distribute and service their entire portfolio-including excavators, cranes., concrete equipment, port machinery, drilling rigs and road machinery.

SMI has strengthened its relationship with SANY, with a strengthened management team and improved financing for our customers, which has led to good revenue growth in FY2017 and this is expected to continue in FY2018 and beyond. In FY2018, SMI will broaden its commercial sales model by offering products for sale ex-factory, from stock in Yangon and SMI will look to develop the appropriate servicing and maintenance facilities which should boost spare parts sales to the large and growing population of SANY machines in Myanmar.

SANY already has a good market position in cranes, concrete equipment, port machinery drilling rigs, and SMI will continue to increase its increase its market share in Myanmar for road and machinery and excavators. With growing economic development in Myanmar and extensive infrastructure projects being planned, the country’s construction sector is expected to grow rapidly.





Shuji Hotta
Director, SMI Construction Services